Heat Pump Deep Cleaning

Remove buildup of Mold, Dirt, Dust from your Ductless Heat Pump that hinder Performance and Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Over time, Heat Pumps collect dirt, debris, and dust.  With the addition of humidity from condensate moisture, and a warm and dark environment, the perfect conditions are created for growth of mold and fungi.   During operation all of these microbials (mold, dust, and mites) become airborne and are blown throughout your home.

Cleaning your filters alone will not prevent the creation or re-circulation of these contaminants.

Save Energy

A dirty heat pump has difficulty transferring heat or cold to the air passing over its surface. And if the fan is covered in dirt and grime the air velocity decreases dramatically.  Which means your heat pump is working a lot harder to heat and cool your home. Resulting in higher power consumption and increase wear on the fan.

Professional cleaning can save 10% – 30% between the energy consumption of a well maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one.

Prevent Expensive Repairs and Replacement

Without regular maintenance and cleaning a Heat Pump will eventually encounter mechanical issues, and ultimately complete failure. The evaporator coil (indoor unit) may be prone to overheating due to the inability to dissipate heat effectively. Elevated system temperature and pressure may lead to the breakdown of the compressor’s lubricant. Acid formation can occur, leading to acid burnout. Lubricant breakdown and acid formation seriously compromise the compressor(outdoor unit) and ultimately lead to equipment failure.

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