Gas Fireplace Advantages:

Ease of Use and Convenience  – Unlike log fire places, you don’t have to haul wood, or wait to get the fire going. Gas fireplaces can be started with a flip of a switch or a push of a button.

Constant Heat Provides you with a constant supply of heat.

Clean and Easy to Maintain Unlike woodburning fireplaces, there are no sparks, ashes, or mess to clean up. Also, no creosote buildup in the chimney.

 Much Safer – There are no fumes or particles being released into the air or in your home.

 Chimney Not RequiredGas fireplaces have a venting system, so a masonry chimney is not required.

 Energy Savings – Gas Fireplaces can help you save up to 25% on your energy bill.

 Adds Value to Your HomeGas Fireplaces add value to your home and look beautiful at the same time. There are many design options to choose from, from traditional to contemporary.

Gas Fireplace Advantages:

The two most common types of gas fireplaces are built-in or insert style.

  • Built-In Fireplace: Factory built gas fireplaces are built to be installed in framed walls and encased in non-combustible materials. This style would be commonly used in new construction and remodeling projects.
  • Inserts: A fireplace insert is inserted into an existing masonry fireplace.

Fireplace inserts are popular among homeowners who have an existing open fireplace and chimney, since they significantly improve both fuel efficiency and the amount of heat generated while also providing a focal point for any room.

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