Electric Boilers

Gas Boilers

Advantages of an Electric Boiler:

  • Energy Efficient: Heats water instantly, and runs more efficiently than gas boilers. In Gas boilers, when gases are burnt, waste gas is produced.  The waste gas is released out of the home through a flue, but also releasing some of heat from the boiler. Electric Boilers do not produce waste gas,  and do not require a flue, so less heat is wasted.
  • Less Maintenance than Gas Boilers: Because gas is not burned, there is no residue buildup to clean. The only real maintenance that has to be done is cleaning out debris brought in from the water that runs through the system.
  • Safer than Gas Boilers: No risk of gas leaks. You can have multiple units in your home, as they are safe and easy to install.
  • No Storage Tank: Increased living space.
  • Great for Vacation Homes: Saves energy when you are away.
  • Great for homes with high water usage.
  • Affordable to install: No gas lines or exhaust flue required.
  • Can be installed anywhere: Small footprint.
An Electric Boiler is a heating unit that heats water for household use. As a home heating system it creates heat by forcing the heated water through the the home.
The Boiler has an inlet and outlet. The inlet takes in cool water from the house and passes the water through its heating elements. When the water reaches a high enough temperature a pump moves the water through the outlet to the rest of the house to run through radiators.

Gas Boilers

The use of water as a heat transfer medium is known as hydronics. Water is heated and transported throughout the home using piping, the heat is then transferred to the surrounding air using radiators that may be mounted on walls or installed within the floor, also known as in floor radiant heating.

Most modern hot water heating systems have a circulation pump to assist in moving the hot water through the distribution system as opposed to older gravity-fed systems. They can also be “zoned” using zone valves which enables the homeowner to control the climate in different areas of the home as opposed to having one temperature setting for the whole home.

Some units offer as much as 90% efficient meaning they convert a full 90% of your fuel into usable heat.  Most modern units are made with cast-aluminum heat exchangers as opposed to the conventional cast iron exchangers. Heat transfer occurs faster with the newer exchangers meaning heat is delivered to the home more efficiently.

These systems are a great option for homeowners looking to replace their out of date oil boilers and are easily installed. Some units are wall mountable and can give you back quite a bit of space.

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