Air Exchangers

Air Exchangers effectively improves air quality through circulating stale indoor air outside, and circulating fresh outdoor air inside.

Many homes are well insulated, which is great for heating and cooling, but can lead to humidity and pollutants being trapped indoors. As a result over 50% of homes show visible signs of humidity. Without proper ventilation indoor air can  accumulate dust, bacteria, mold, and particles from gas and steam overtime.

Central ventilation and filtration can effectively eliminate excess humidity and airborne pollutants, protecting the structure of your home and your family’s health.

HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators):

These air exchangers ventilate your home while retaining the energy used for heating and cooling. The units transfer heat from exhaust air expelled from the house to the fresh air entering the house, without mixing the stale air and the fresh air.

ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilators):

ERV’s ventilate your home while minimizing loss for heat or coolness (just like an HRV), and have the ability to limit the amount of moisture entering the house (ideal for humid climates).

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