“After seeing my first few hydro bills, I actually can’t wait to see my next month’s total. I love the comfort the system provides, and the team that backs it. Thanks, E.T.!”
“We like the efficiency, it’s constant and steady heat is great. We’re saving 6 cords of wood a year, and $50-$100 per month. The installation team was the very best; we’d recommend them to everyone.”
“My new geothermal system is even cheaper than wood furnace I had before! There’s very little up-keep, just a filter once in a while. I was very impressed with the install team and the great follow up service afterwards. E.T treats you as a person, not a customer; I’d choose…
“E.T. did a really good job, they were fast and efficient, and we’d recommend their services. It’s been great saving on my monthly bills, and the wear and tear on my body from removing ashes and lugging wood!”
“We’re 100% Satisfied, ET Mechanical did a great job, and we’d recommend geothermal to anyone!”
"As a sufferer of asthma, after the oxyquantum was installed last year (my) asthma symptoms are much improved and would recommend to anyone"
"We were really impressed and happy with how clean and tidy your guys were during the installation"
"The unit we had prior was very expensive. The ZUBA Heat Pump seems to do a really good job in cooling in the summer, and it’s been great this winter. With the old system, we had many cold spots and uneven heat; not anymore! Its way more efficient, no more…
"The heat our ZUBA provides is very consistent, our new electronic filter is very clean and feels/smells fresh. Without even doing calculations I’m saving a ton, even with the electric heater in the barn I’m still seeing winter savings. Thanks E.T.!"
"I recently had the opportunity to have some work done in my home by the ET Mechanical Team. The first thing that really stood out for me was when I called their office to book an appointment. I was greeted with “Good Morning, ET Mechanical… How can we make you…