Safety Tips

Keep Your Family Safe

Electricity is one of the biggest inventions of all time, and as we all know, we could not live without it. If used improperly, it could be extremely dangerous; therefore, here are some tips to keep your home well lit and your family safe and happy.

  • Extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis. Do not use them as a substitute for household wiring.
  • When using extension cords, be sure the cord does not become tangled around itself or another object.
  • Never plug an extension cord into another extension cord, and use only cords that are in good repair. Do not use if the insulation is frayed or is pulled out from the end cap.
  • Never remove the third prong from a grounded three-prong plug to make it fit into a two prong outlet. This could cause electrical shock. If necessary, buy an adapter so that you can use a three-prong plug in a two-prong outlet.
  • Do not run cords underneath carpets, rugs, or furniture. When cords are placed in an area where they can be stepped on frequently, the wires may separate and could lead to a short or even a fire
  • To avoid possible shocks, avoid electrical appliances and corded telephones when a thunderstorm is approaching.
  • Periodically check the indicator lights on your incoming surge protector located at the service main. This is your first line of defence for your home's wiring and appliances.    

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